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from ME to YOU

I just wanted to share a couple photographers who interest me. The first one is Gregory Crewdson. He is best known for his elaborately staged photographs.

The second photographer is Alec Soth. The first two images are of found notes. I often find things and bring them home to my hubby, referring to them as ‘thoughts for the day.’ A friend of mine got me hooked on doing this and some of the things I have found lying on the ground have been quite interesting. Alec Soth projects his images how you wouldn’t expect to see them. Check him out at


blog: TAKE 2

It’s been quite some time since I have posted anything here on my blog and I’m baaaaaaaack!
I initially created it for one of my classes and had every intention of continuing to post, but for some reason that didn’t happen…

So here’s to second chances!
Here’s to sticking with it this time!

Well…ya…maybe…but I do promise to try my hardest!!

I started my new semester at USF this past Monday and the upcoming posts will be devoted to my photographic processes that I will be working on this semester.

I will share my creative processes, struggles, inspirations, ideas for upcoming works, and of course, my photographs.

peace and love.