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Eleven years later | September 11, 2001

For my Dad, my hero.

September 11, 2001. A date that changed our country forever.

Everyone has their own memories of what happened on this date – where they were, what they were doing, not being able to reach people on their cell phones, the worry, the tradgedies, etc. – and for many, the pain still hurts today. For me, it was a day we lost our freedom.

This post is in memory of the lives lost on September 11, 2001 and for those still affected.

In early 2010, with the help of many brave men and women, I created a series titled ‘The Forgotten’. There are about 30-40 photos in all, but I just pulled out a few to share with you today. While I’ll never truly know or understand the pain and suffering they carry with them on a daily basis, I can see that many stand on the edge of a begining and an end. Help them move forward. Don’t just think about them today, but every day.

I will never forget.

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