The things I FEAR!

The first thing that comes to mind is spiders. I get the heebee geebees just thinking about them!

Anxiety and panic attacks are another fear of mine. I would not wish them upon my worst enemy. They are one of the few things that ever made me feel as if I were dying.

Last but not least, the third thing that represents fear for me is small planes. I am just fine in large ones, but I cannot handle the small ones. While in Costa Rica I was flying in a Cessna that almost crashed. I have never and plan on never flying in one again.


One thought on “The things I FEAR!

  1. Nicole Lee says:

    I checked out Ashley’s blog ( and I would definitely have to agree with her fear about worrying. The picture she chose to represent worry is spot on. The smallest thing makes me say what if this happens or this or maybe it could be…. Worry is indeed a disruption of one’s life. You don’t have control over a situation and when you lose control you feel helpless. Sometimes you could be on top of the world and then BAM out of no where you start worrying about something. If only we had a switch we could flip off when we were done worrying about something!

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