FeAr part III

Part of my FEAR assignment I have been working on involves creating a stage made out of small pieces of wood and cardboard. For my stage, I want to create a stage that represents the unknown. I feel that not knowing what is going to happen next can be more scary than knowing sometimes. The unknown creates fear and anxiety for millions of people. Some of it is based on decisions we are faced with and in life we are faced with a lot of decisions. A lot of them are as simple as left or right, red or green, paper or plastic, etc. Other decisions can be harder such as surgery or not, to move or to stay, puppy or no puppy, etc. If you choose to go right, what will you be faced with? Will it be harder than what you’ve already gone through? Will it be more intense? Will making these decisions get you to where we intended to be?

I am going to create a stage that splits off. Almost like a fork in the road. Do you want to go down easy street or take the long way? Easy St. is just that – a long straight road with no obstacles. The Long Way will have steps with a windy road and many obstacles and decisions to make. I also have to choose another material to incorporate in the stage. I think I am going to use cottonballs.


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