my Book project

Our current class project is to construct a photo book. I started off with one idea which transformed into another and has now evolved into a book of diptychs of a of a man’s collection of old cars. While some people may see his place as a junk yard , it is more than that. It’s a father and son’s over 50 year collection of cars that weren’t worth crushing. ‘Why throw it away? You might need it someday.’ The shapes that some of the cars have transformed into and the range of colors of the rust are almost as beautiful as what they once must have been. It was so much fun to take some photos and explore the Gilespie’s place.

My current struggle with this project is the outside construction of the book itself. I had the idea to use two old license plates for the front and back cover (with the collection of images on the inside of them), but I am unsure the best way to approach putting it all together. I need to create some sort of binding on the left side. Welding another piece of metal to the plates to create a binding area would be ideal, but unfortunately I don’t have any experience in welding. Back to the drawing board…….


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