The Indecisive Moment

My current project deals with recreating historic moments in history. I have chosen to recreate Guinness Book of World Records feats. Some of them are so ridiculous like the lady who has eaten over 50,000 Hostess cupcakes! She eats one for breakfast, one for lunch, eats a normal dinner, and then has one before she goes to bed. Reading the story made me want one, but they were definitely not how I remembered them to be as a child. They were way too sweet for my liking! I am going to continue to research the records and find the ones I am most interested in. One that stands out to me now is of a man who has the world’s longest mustache. On February 29, 2004, Badamsinh Juwansinh’s mustache was measured to be 12.5 feet long. Juwansinh has not cut his mustache for 22 years!


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