photo candidate Elene Tremblay

Elene Tremblay is one of the four candidates for the new photography position at USF. She spoke last night about her work from 1992-present. I was most interested in a web narrative she created called My Contacts and a photographic series titled Sitters. In My Contacts visitors are directed to a website where they discover a lost cell phone on the ground. The cell phone which allows you to contact artists who have created a fictitious identity through the use of their own websites. It was pretty humorous!

Another series Elene Tremblay is currently working on is called Sitters. She solicited artists in Kingston, Barcelona, and Montreal who sit for her. In this she photographs people who are tired and and have decided to sit. It focuses on fatigue and powerlessness in an urban setting.

Earlier in the day she also stopped by my advanced photography class during our critique. I found her to be extremely perceptive and very knowledgeable. Check her out!

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